The Niagara Condos – Niagara Falls

The Niagara Condominiums is a collection of 3 buildings and 60 units on 1.2 acres of greenspace. The suite mix ranges from 427 sqft to 950 sqft & has single and 2 storey units all with access to the outdoors. The main building fronts onto McLeod Road giving the site prominence which is destined to become a landmark.

Why Niagara Falls?

• Over 14 million tourists visit Niagara Falls each year
• Visitors to Niagara Falls support 33,000 people who work in the hospitality and tourism industry
• Niagara Falls is an affordable alternative to the explosive GTA market
• Current rental housing stock in Niagara Falls is dated and has lengthy waitlists
• Vacancy rate in Niagara Falls is 1.5%
• Migrant flow: GTA residents are moving and retiring in Niagara Falls
• Niagara Falls is a development hub: Several multi-million dollar projects in progress
• GO Train expansion to Niagara by 2023
• New South Niagara Falls Hospital to be constructed by 2023
• Average price per square foot is 50% of the cost of downtown Toronto

Special Offer for VIP Sales:
$5000 Off Parking For 2 Bedrooms
Free Assignment
Consent To Lease During Occupancy
$10,000 Discount For 1 Bedrooms or 1 Plus Dens
$15,000 Discount For 2 Bedrooms or 2 Plus Dens
Capped Levies:
$5,500 For 1 Bedrooms or 1 Plus Dens
$7,500 For 2 Bedrooms or 2 Plus Dens
ONLY 5% Down This YEAR
$5000 With Offer
Balance to 5% in 30 Days
5% in 90 Days
5% in 370 Days
5% on Occupancy
All cheques payable to M5V The Niagara Inc.

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